“I booked this a couple of months in advance and they must seat accordingly because we were in the front row! (I did pay extra for the premium seating, but when we walked up and got to skip the long line it was worth it!). Food was pretty average– pork was okay, rice and mac salads were very good, the poke was not high quality so I only ate a bite, beef got good reviews from the kids. Drinks were also just okay, but seemed pretty plentiful. Waiters walked around with Blue Hawaiians and Mai-Tais and someone at my table showed up with a beer so that must have been available too. The stage was not arranged as shown in the pictures on the website with the ocean directly behind the stage, but was at a 90* angle. If you were to the extreme left of the stage, you might have some ocean in the background, but if you are to the right you won’t. I thought the hula dancers did a great job and seemed very enthusiastic. When they were introduced at the end of the performance the emcee stated that two of the ladies had held championships in their specific styles and another dancer was a former Ms. Hawaii. Prior to the introductions, I wouldn’t have been able to pick out the titleholders from the other dancers, so I think that says a lot about the level of dancing. The kids got a little ansy between dinner and the start of the show, but we let them wander around the beach until everything got started. Once the show started they were very entertained! I liked that this was a smaller luau and located outdoors on the beach. I didn’t like that there were only 2 bathroom stalls for everyone in attendance. Food was okay, enteryainment was better, so overall I thought it was a very good experience.”
-AlejoHouston (Trip Advisor)

“Great experience!! Emcee was extraordinarily good :). Food excellent. Wonderful dancers. Beautiful setting. All very organized.”
-Anne K.

“I took my fiance to her very first Luau experience at the Aulii Luau in Poipu and we had an amazing experience! The whole staff was so friendly as they greeting us like we were apart of their family! From the food, to the performances this Luau has everything to offer. The backdrop is truly magical and the show did not disappoint. There are so many Luau’s to choose from, but Aulii Luau in Poipu is the one to go! I recommend this to all and can’t wait to go back and experience it again!”
– Kevin L L (Trip Advisor)

“This was an amazing luau. Our family of 5 (including 3 boys, ages 7, 13 and 15), include it as one of the main highlights of our trip. The setting of the stage is idyllic with the beach & palm trees as a backdrop. The food and drinks were good & plentiful, with allergens clearly marked on each dish (I have celiac disease, so appreciated this touch). We paid extra for premium seats, which was nice — but the setting is small enough that there were no bad seats. We bought premium tix, which included: bypassing the line to enter, a beautiful flower lei, appetizers served at our table instead of buffet, first in line at the dinner buffet, and seats in the first 2 rows of tables. They were nice extras, but not imperative to enjoy the experience, IMHO. The setting is intimate enough that there were no bad seats, and lines were not lengthy. The service was friendly and attentive, host was entertaining, musicians were very talented, and the performers were fantastic. We sat near a family who was staying at the Hyatt, and their concierge recommended this Luau over the Hyatt’s … Just sayin’!!”
-Okalcantara (Trip Advisor)

“This was a great experience and we loved the small, more intimate experience. We have been to a few Luaus and this definitely is one of the best. The Host was very funny and he did a great job improvising when the power went out. It didn’t phase the dancers when the power was out and it was back to normal very quickly. It would have been nice to have a few more crafters there giving that authentic feel. I do like it when they have an opportunity for everyone to participate in making a lei or making the local weaved hats/bowls. Other than that, this was awesome. Don’t miss it!!”
-WildCrew (Trip Advisor)

“I attended the Sharaton Luau and it was absolutely the best….hands down! Food was delicious, much to choose from, unlimited drinks, the entertainment was fabulous!
Just can not say put into words how wonderful it was. We were in a party of 13 people and everyone had the time of there life!
It was right on the beach under the coconut trees which made it even more special!
Thank you Sharaton for your fine job!”
-Tina B (Trip Advisor)

“Lots of food, music, dancing and the Hula girls. A fun evening for all. It starts around sunset with a very good Hawaiian band, later the Tiki drummers. There is the Fire dancer and demonstrations and more dancing. Food includes roast pork, BBQ beef, civiche, salads and fruits. Very enjoyable and a big crowd, get there early.”
-Pepperman (Trip Advisor)


“Absolutely the best luau entertainment you will find ANYWHERE. Not just Kaua’i, but the entire state. The owner, Mi Nei, is the only non-Tahitian person to have ever earned a degree at the prestigious Conservatoire Artistique Territorial in Papeete, Tahiti. Now, whose Polynesian dance show do you want to see?
They do the luau at the St. Regis, as well as free mini shows at the Po’ipu shopping center, and are available for private events.
They performed at our wedding luau and it was the highlight. We were married about 8 months ago, and I am STILL having people rave about the show. My husband’s family from the mainland talked about it so much, that their family & friends had to ask if they went to Hawaii for his wedding of for the luau!
In any case, this show is a must.”

– Ahonui B.

“The luau was great! Enjoyed the show very much.”

– Sandy M.

“Family of four for the Luau. We paid the $20 per person to keep the premier seating which is oval tables in front of several long tables behind them in the general seating. Was it worth it yes. Fancier leis is how they tell the premier folks apart for the dining line, and the kids got real flowers which they liked instead of the other option. The other couple at our table was very nice. Food, if you pay for premium seating, you get to eat first, except for the line jumpers. Guess there are no manners on vacation. You can get two beers or mai tais/blue hawaiis. Limited selection was fine. Food was good. The show was really good. They have a lot of award winning dancers. Everyone enjoyed the show.”
– Matt W.
“The Luau performance was the best I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen many) — much more personal, intimate, and well paced.” – Alice G.